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Multi Track FFS Machines

Budakoti Engineering Private Limited
Multi Track FFS Machines

We supply a wide variety of vertical form fill machine, multi track form fill machine, auger filler machine, candy wrapping machines, form seal machines, cup filler machine, semi automatic packaging machines, automatic flow wrap machines etc at accommodable prices

Model No. BE/MT/50
Application: Tablets, Panmasala, Tobacco, Jaljira, Cereals, Coffee Powder, Tea, Detergents, Pharmaceutical Powder, Namkeen, Henna, etc.
Packaging Range: 1 -100 gm
Model No. BE/MT/60
Application : Shampoo, Vaseline, Creams, Lotions, Tomato Ketchup, Sauces, Pastes, Honey, Liquid Soap, etc.
Packaging Range: 1-100 ml

Multi Track FFS Machines
Product application Liquid, Paste, Powder, Granules
Quantity to be packed 1 ml/gm -100 ml/gm
No. Of Tracks 4 -10 tracks (Depends upon pouch width)
Machine Speed 65 -90 Pouch / Min. / Track
Temperature Controller PID Based
Machine Control PLC (Programmable Logic Control) Based
Roll width 400-800 mm
Roll Diameter 400 -800 mm
Feeding System Sticky Powder / Liquid / Grains Auger Filler / Piston Filler / Volumetric Cup Filler
Contact Parts Food Grade Stainless Steel SS 316
Pouch Length / Type Programmable / Four Side Sealing (With / Without Gussets)
Laminate Unwinding system Servo Based / Electromagnetic clutch and break
Web controller Electronic / Pneumatic Hydraulic Web Edge Controller
Compressed Air requirement 2 CFM @ 6 Bar
Electric supply 440 V, Three Phase, 50 Hz
Power consumption 5 -9.5 kW
Machine Dimension L (4000) x W (1600) x H (2750) mm
Net Weight 1200- 2100 KG
Optional Attachments Pneumatic Coding Device, Collating System, Notching

Features Advantages Benefits
Option of 4 -10 Tracks (Depends on Pouch width) Option of Higher speed Time Saving / Space Saving / Power Saving / Economical
Batch Cutting Device Cuts the Batch at Prefixed length Ease of secondary packing
Three Side seal pouches Less laminate Savings on Laminate
Wide product application range Versatile (Liquid, Powder, Grains, Paste) Multi Purpose
Zipper Pouch Sealing Pouch Can be Temporarily resealed manually Repeat usage viability of bigger pouch
Machine is equipped with PID Displays / controls Sealing Temperature of Sealers Optimum Temperature for Sealing / Better Sealing
Jacketed Hopper with heating Element (Optional At an extra cost) For Liquid Products Better Feeding
Food Grade Stainless steel Contact parts No rusting Long Life, Hygienic Packing
Laminate Unwinding Unit and Web Control System Maintains Tension, Regular Feeding, and Alignment of web Better Sealing and production
Intermittent Motion Machine Efficient, Effective Packing Savings on wastage
Error Detection system Detection and Rectification of fault High Runtime
Quality Components High Quality machine High Run Time, Durable
Notching Device Notch is Provided in Pouches Ease of Tearing pouch
Collating System Automatic Stacking, Ease of secondary Packing Less Labour Required
Pneumatic Coding Device To Print M.R.P, Month of Packing, Lot No. etc. Helps In Detecting manufacturing and expiry Date

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